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The hardest prison to escape is in your mind...

You awake gradually. You are in a dark cell. You are drifting in and out of consciousness between bouts of violent hallucinations. You are physically weak and have no memory of who you are or why you are here. You are alone and you are scared, very scared. The voices in your head tell you that you should be. 

Purgation is a survival horror experience where your only hope of escape lies in discovering and confronting your past… if you can survive long enough.                                                                                 

* The Purgation game is an entertainment product only.  When playing the game ensure you are trained, supervised and authorized to use the equipment and comply with all health and safety regulations. Use of this site or video game implies no liability will be accepted. By downloading and playing the Purgation game you fully acknowledge this and agree to the conditions of use.


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